Utah Social Security Offices Still Denying Married Same-Sex Couples Benefits

| October 8, 2014

**Originally published by The New Civil Rights Movement and Q Salt Lake** Several of the local Social Security Administration offices in Utah are still refusing to issue new Social Security cards to married same-sex couples, despite court rulings requiring them to do so. Austin and James Vance, Dennis and Matt Gwyther, and Shelie and Ada […]

Long View: Why SCOTUS’ Same-Sex Marriage Decision Was Only Proper Option

| October 8, 2014

No matter which side of the issue you’re on, the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the seven same-sex cases that had been submitted was the only proper option. *Originally published on New Civil Rights Movement Under normal circumstances, the loser of a case at the state level might appeal that ruling to the appellate level, […]

Secession and Nullification? Two Utah Legislators Advocate 4th Branch of Government

| October 3, 2014

**This article originally appeared on Utah Political Capitol Should the United States have a 4th branch of government? One with the power to overturn and nullify all others? According to two sitting Utah legislators, Representatives Brian Greene (Republican – Pleasant Grove) and Marc Roberts (Republican – Santaquin), yes. Tuesday evening, the two junior members of […]

Anti-LGBTQ Groups Call for Moderation in Utah, But Overseas They Seek Criminalization

| September 21, 2014

There is no question that the American public has moved pretty decisively onto the side of equality for same-sex couples and their families. So when the anti-LGBTQ families crowd gets in front of Utah press or any other American media outlets, they typically work hard to keep their rhetoric from getting too far outside of […]

Sutherland Institute & Religious Right Orgs Create False “Religious Liberty”

| August 22, 2014

Do the principles of religious freedom (a.k.a. religious liberty) mandate exemptions from employment and workplace non-discrimination laws? According to many conservatives in Utah, yes. But while these Religious Right leaders claim to be championing the rights of the religious, their theocratic redefinition of these important concepts leave every individual at risk. Less than a few […]

Quick Primer: Where (and What) Are All of the Same-Sex Marriage Cases in Utah

| June 9, 2014

For those trying to keep track of where all the same-sex marriage cases are in the process, it can get really confusing. Here’s a quick recap and primer of what the different cases are and where they’re at: Kitchen v. Herbert This is the main case over the validity of Utah’s Amendment 3, the 2004 […]

10th Circuit Hears Oral Arguments in Utah Marriage Case — Appears To Lean Toward Equality

| April 12, 2014

**Originally published at The New Civil Rights Movement on April 10, 2014** (Denver)  The 10th Circuit Court today heard oral arguments in the Utah Amendment 3 same-sex marriage case. The judges are being asked to decide whether to uphold a lower court’s ruling which struck down Utah’s 2004 ban on same-sex marriages and civil unions. From […]