Utah Retail Stores – Enjoy 2012, Because Our Congressman Are Tanking 2013

| November 29, 2012

Utah retail stores are on track to see some of their best sales this holiday season. But unless our congressional delegation drop their partisan opposition, next year they’ll be facing huge losses and we’ll be seeing huge tax hikes. After the 2012 election, major Republican players and elected officials across the country started recognizing that […]

Republicans Holding EVERY Bill Hostage During Lame Duck Session

| December 1, 2010

Washington DC – Republican Senators, all 42 of them, have signed a letter addressed to Senator Harry Reid promising to hijack every single bill, including the Defense Authorization Bill (includes DADT Repeal) unless Democrats agree to extend the Bux Tax Cuts for the super wealthy. Amazing what a little creative lying can do isn’t it? […]