GRAPHIC: Why Corroon’s Budget Proposal Works

| November 9, 2012

There’s been quite a bit of hype today after outgoing-Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon unveiled his 2013 budget proposal, which include a property tax raise. Check out the graphic below to see how and why the budget works. Graphic courtesy of the SLCO Mayor’s Office Thanks to current conservative rhetoric, the words “Tax Hike” […]

Crockett Sends “Cease & Desist” Letter For Negative Tweets

| October 4, 2012

Salt Lake County Mayoral Candidate Mark Crockett REALLY doesn’t like people who post unfavorable tweets, apparently. When I got home this evening, I was greeted by a “Cease and Desist” letter from his attorneys. Back on October 1st, local blogger and host of The Left Show JM Bell posted a blog with copies of the […]

NOM Releases Partial Tax Returns

| January 5, 2011

The National Organization For Marriage has released a partial version of their tax returns. Out of their claimed 7.1 million dollars raised in 2009, over 75% came from just 5 donors. However NOM is still not complying with the law and disclosing who those 5 are. Gee..who could it be? Golly, I just have absolutely […]

Fed Government Giving $Millions To Anti-Gay Groups

| September 27, 2010

Ever heard of the Aministration for Children and Families? Me neither.. it’s a federal agency that funds religious groups who help people have healthier marriages. Well the agency has no over-sight, and have funneled millions of your tax dollars to anti-gay political groups like the Family Research Council. According to their most recent report. The Administration for […]

Christian Group Taxed $20k For Anti-Civil Union Lobbying

| September 17, 2010

Hawaii – The Hawaii Family Forum has long lauded itself as a charitable organization. But with no charitable actions and over $125,000 spent on lobbying against civil unions last year, the IRS finally came down on them and took away their tax-exempt status. Finally sheesh… churches and charities don’t get to act like political action […]

Intensive Look at the Debate Over LDS Prop 8 Involvement

| January 16, 2009

I found this story today about the LDS church’s financial involvement in Prop 8, it’s extremely well done. [youtube=]