Utah Freedom Conference; aka the No-Fact Conservative Speech Bubble

| September 15, 2012

Earlier today, the Sutherland Institute and the John Birch Society jointly sponsored the grossly misnamed “Freedom Conference.” Unfortunately, it seems facts were checked at the door – in favor of yet another echo chamber for Utah Republicans to spin their empty rhetoric. Attorney General candidate John Swallow (whom PRIDEinUtah has been told is under FBI […]

High School Lesbian Couple Attend School Dance To Cheers

| February 1, 2011

Champlin, Minnesota – A lesbian couple at Champlin Park High School overcame the odds after they were voted as royalty for a school dance but the school refused to allow them to attend together. After multiple lawsuits were threatened, the pair attended the dance amidst cheers from classmates. I read the first part about this […]

Canada Schools May Reconsider GSA Bans After Outrage Over Nazi Comparison

| January 11, 2011

Ontario, Canada – After an international outcry this past week over a Catholic School District’s decision to ban Gay Straight Alliances and the District Chairperson Anne Lemay comparing them to Nazi clubs, the board is scheduled to reconsider the ban tonight. The ban actually passed back in November, but it wasn’t until this past weekend […]

New Yale Study Finds LGBT Youth 40% More Likely To Be Punished

| December 6, 2010

A new study released by Yale University has found that LGBT yough (or non-heterosexual) youth are 40% more likely to be punished than their hetero piers by both courts and schools for the same infractions. How pathetic is this? Tipped by PRIDEinUtah reader Bill T. The research, described as the first national look at sexual […]

Another Gay Teen Suicide – School Says "We're Neutral"

| September 14, 2010

Another Gay Teen Suicide – School Says “We’re Neutral”

| September 14, 2010

Minnesota – Another precious life has been lost, this time it’s Justin Aaberg at Anoka High School in Minnesota. So what does his school and teachers have to say about the anti-gay bulling? “We want to remain neutral on gay bullying.” Anoka-Hennepin School District watched at least 3 of their young LGBT teens committ suicide […]

Catholic College Bars Gay-Rights Group

| September 14, 2010

Austin, TX – The Catholic liberal arts college St. Edwards has barred Equality Texas from participating in a campus volunteer fair. Should religious universities be able to ban people based on sexual orientation? This is that line we must draw between human-rights and religious freedom. Although I disagree with St. Edwards’ decision, if they do […]