Utah Retail Stores – Enjoy 2012, Because Our Congressman Are Tanking 2013

| November 29, 2012

Utah retail stores are on track to see some of their best sales this holiday season. But unless our congressional delegation drop their partisan opposition, next year they’ll be facing huge losses and we’ll be seeing huge tax hikes. After the 2012 election, major Republican players and elected officials across the country started recognizing that […]

Utah Freedom Conference; aka the No-Fact Conservative Speech Bubble

| September 15, 2012

Earlier today, the Sutherland Institute and the John Birch Society jointly sponsored the grossly misnamed “Freedom Conference.” Unfortunately, it seems facts were checked at the door – in favor of yet another echo chamber for Utah Republicans to spin their empty rhetoric. Attorney General candidate John Swallow (whom PRIDEinUtah has been told is under FBI […]

Rob Bishop & Jason Chaffetz Want Employers To Access Your Facebook Password

| April 3, 2012

Congressmen Rob Bishop (R) and Jason Chaffetz (R) voted this past week to allow employers to require you turn over your Facebook passwords. In a nearly party-line vote, House Republicans voted unanimously to allow your boss to require you give up your private Facebook and Twitter account info. It’s a scary new phenomenon, but many […]

UT GOP's Gerrymandering Plan Laid Bare

| June 2, 2011

Utah – With redistricting coming up this year, many in our state are already worried about what new damage Utah’s Republican-led Legislature will be dishing out. But although gerrymandering is expected, it’s rare that we see it bragged about like tonight. In an effort to try and convince the public that they will actually be […]

Utah Single Handedly Trying To Wipe Out Federal LGBT Laws

| December 1, 2010

Utah’s very own Congressman Rob Bishop is trying to single handedly eradicate all current and future LGBT rights awarded by the Federal Government. In his newly proposed consitutional amendment, states will have the power to reverse any law the Federal Gov’t passes. Congratulations Utah, this is what we get when we continue electing these teabagging […]

Sutherland Institute Pockets Utah Congressman Bishop

| January 4, 2010

Paul Mero and the Sutherland Institute now have one of Utah’s members of Congress full under their control according to a SL Trib article. Congressman Bishop is personally issuing donation letters on behalf of Sutherland Institute, pushing constituents to protect the values they care about from a government “out of control.” Bishop, the “King of […]