Sharone Belt: The Obamacare Story You Won’t See In the News

| November 19, 2013

**Originally published on If you watch cable news, you’ve probably seen story after story about Americans losing their insurance plans thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “Obamacare.” Despite the passage of the ACA into law in 2010, and despite the Supreme Court’s decision in 2012 to uphold the legislation, and even despite […]

Former Gov and Romney Transition Lead Mike Leavitt to states: Implement Obamacare!

| November 17, 2012

Former Utah Governor, and the head of Mitt Romney’s transition team, Mike Leavitt is encouraging states to comply with Obamacare and setup insurance exchanges, rather than leaving things to the Feds. Last week, the Salt Lake Tribune reported that members of the Utah Legislature had sent a letter to Governor Gary Herbert, demanding that Utah […]

Before You Believe GOP Talking Points On “Obamacare,” Remember This:

| March 23, 2012

It seems that every Republican candidate is all in a twist over so-called “Obamacare” and the absolute “evils” it is perpetuating on Americans. But on the 2 year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, let’s look at what it has actually done.