UT GOP Intimidated By New Dem Chairman – Send Camera Man To Follow Him

| August 23, 2011

UPDATE:  PRIDEinUtah’s story has been confirmed by the SL Tribune. The cameraman is indeed an operative for the UT Republican Party. http://bit.ly/o81lLV Utah – The new chairman of the Utah State Democratic Party has the Republicans Party on edge. With so much infighting among the GOP these days.. the last thing they wanted was a […]

BREAKING: Utah Senate President: We May Repeal The Non-Discrimination Laws

| December 23, 2010

Utah Holdup on Aids Money Hurting Citizens

| April 14, 2010

SLC – The Utah State Legislature approved a budget during this past session of $1.4 million towards helping people with HIV and/or AIDS. But Senate President Michael Waddoups has held up the money, saying he needs more “background information.” Now citizens like Janna Dove are at risk. Waddoups and the rest of the Executive Appropriations […]

Waddoups: To Censor Or Not To Censor..

| February 11, 2010

SLC – Senate President Michael Waddoups has come under heavy fire over the last week since he released a statement with a thinly-veiled threat telling the LGBT community to be quiet. Now he’s released a new statement trying to backpedal, while issuing the threat all over again! Last night on the Senate’s blog, Waddoups claimed […]