Conservatives’ Proposed Cuts to Food Stamps Based on Falsehoods

| September 17, 2013

*This piece was originally published for Political Research Associates Update: The House voted to approve the massive cuts to the SNAP program. This week, we are likely to see one of the most historic and dramatic shifts in the U.S. government’s policy on nutrition and nutritional supplements—and none of it for the better. Conservatives in […]

Is Social Security Entitlement Reform a Real Possibility?

| March 24, 2013

The United States is overspending, that’s a truth. ‘On what’ is the debatable question. With an annual price-tag of $731 Billion (20% of the Federal Budget), Social Security is frequently on the chopping block. But can it be reformed without cutting benefits to seniors who desperately rely on it? Right now, their are two strongly […]

We Know How To Solve The Budget Crisis, Congress Just Refuses To Do It

| March 3, 2013

  Across the nation, and certainly across Utah, Republicans and Democrats are fighting daily about how our country should address the budget crisis, burgeoning spending, and out-of-control debt. America solved this problem just a few short years ago, why are we still fighting about it? After watching a few battles in the twitter-sphere this week, […]

Chris Stewart Claims He Didn’t Take Stimulus – Here’s The Proof He Did

| October 18, 2012

Republican candidate for Congress in Utah’s 2nd District, Chris Stewart, is claiming in the Salt Lake Tribune that he never took any stimulus funds, but it turns out.. he’s lying. Earlier today, 2nd Congressional District candidate Jay Seegmiller pointed out the hypocrisy of his Republican opponent Chris Stewart campaigning against the stimulus, when he himself […]

Mia Love vs Jim Matheson; KSL Debate Recap

| October 2, 2012

After this morning’s KSL debate between Congressman Jim Matheson and challenger Mia Love – many people were left wondering where Mia Love actually stands on some of the issues. In their opening statements, Jim Matheson touted his bipartisan voting record – saying that working with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress is critical to accomplishing […]

Orrin Hatch Flip Flops On Convention Promises, Attacks Gov Herbert’s Policies

| September 17, 2012

When will they realize that we have longer than 30 second memories? Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is drowning his credibility and integrity in the bathtub, just so he can take a weak potshot at President Obama. Remember Romney’s welfare work requirement scandal? He got nailed by news networks and fact-checking organizations nationwide when he started […]

Utah's New 4th District GOP Contest Shaping Up To Be A Let-Down

| March 13, 2012

Utah – There’s been quite a bit of excitement over the election in Utah’s newly-created 4th Congressional District. But the longer the election runs, the more it looks like Utahn’s in the 4th are being let down by empty rhetoric. In what was originally billed as a “battle of the ages,” the Republican fight for […]