Utah Retail Stores – Enjoy 2012, Because Our Congressman Are Tanking 2013

| November 29, 2012

Utah retail stores are on track to see some of their best sales this holiday season. But unless our congressional delegation drop their partisan opposition, next year they’ll be facing huge losses and we’ll be seeing huge tax hikes. After the 2012 election, major Republican players and elected officials across the country started recognizing that […]

High School Lesbian Student Abducted And Almost Killed

| April 22, 2010

Kentucky – Cheyenne Williams, an 18 year old out-lesbian was abducted by 3 of her classmates on the Nationday Day Of Silence who tried to throw her off a local cliff. The 3 girls who abducted Cheyenne were apparently observing the anti-gay “Day of Truth” sponsored by national christian organizations like Exodus International and Focus On The […]

Community Shocked During Gay Rights Debate

| February 19, 2009

Tonight, Equality Utah had a full debate with the Sutherland Institute on the validity and correctness of the Common Ground Initiative bills. For Equality Utah, the panelists were Cliff Rosky, Lee Beckstead, Senator Scott McCoy and Will Carlson. For Sutherland, Paul Mero, LeVar Christensen, Shirley Cox and Bill Duncan. There isn’t much to say here, […]