Utah Representative Urges Leniency For Former Intern / Convicted Rapist

| November 5, 2012

Utah Representative Wayne Harper, currently running to become Senator Harper, is urging Utah courts to show leniency to his former intern, who has been convicted of sexually abusing a teenage girl. Eric Ray, former intern to Republican Representative Wayne Harper, was convicted in September of sexually abusing a teenage girl at Brigham Young University. Ray […]

Seizing The Future For The LGBT Community – Response to City Weekly

| August 7, 2012

Yesterday, City Weekly reporter Brandon Burt penned an open letter to me, asking why protests against Chick-fil-A in Utah fizzled out, and how the LGBT community of Utah can move forward. Sheesh… talk about pressure. As Brandon mentions in his letter, the past year has been an exciting one for the LGBT community. For the […]

BYU Panel On LGBT Issues A Huge Success – Standing Room Only

| February 24, 2011

Provo, Utah – The community panel discussion tonight put on by a group of BYU students went off without a hitch this evening. Packed into one of the smaller meeting rooms of the Provo Library, the standing-room only crowd of students and community members listened as LGBT & Ally speakers shared their stories. These are […]

The Heroes Of BYU

| February 4, 2011

Provo, UT – What happened to me afterwards aside, the people I found last night on the BYU campus were no less than heroes. 30 students dedicated to ending discrimination and bullying both at BYU and in Provo. Outside of Utah, you may not understand the difference between Salt Lake City and Provo. True they’re […]

My Tires Slashed On The BYU Campus

| February 3, 2011

Update 2/4/11: Just heard back from the BYU police. Apparently there’s no security cameras in the area so there’s nothing they can do. There goes another $300 I didn’t have to spend….sigh. Provo UT – I spent the evening on the BYU campus after I heard that there was a group of students meeting to […]

PRIDEinUtah Podcast! Exclusive Interview With BYU Student/Author Of Book On Gays

| December 6, 2010

The PRIDEinUtah Podcast is here! Exlusive interview with Brad Carmack, a BYU student and active Mormon who has written a book on homosexuality and Mormon doctrine – his conclusion? Not what you would expect. Also full updates on DADT! Download it for free on iTunes! Or click “Play” below to listen here! CLICK HERE TO […]

Gay BYU Student Threatened With Suspension

| July 7, 2010

Provo, UT – Notorious B.Y.U. strikes again. City Weekly writer Eric S. Peterson chronicles the story of gay BYU student John Kovalenko who faced the wrath of an institution because he was “promoting the homosexual lifestyle.” Mr. Kovalenko wanted to bridge gaps, and prove to Utah that you could be openly gay and still attend […]