NOM Blog Accidentally Displays Pro-Equality Message

Posted By on February 4, 2011

The National Organization For Marriage, the offically-designated hate-group by the SPLC, has a long track record of twisting facts and research to their own nefarious ends. But this time they messed with the wrong blogger and ended up with a pro-equality message on their site.

Zack Weiner, the enormously talented comic at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, put up a funny comic about the differences between older generations and newer (pictured). But NOM decided to grab it as proof of what the “homosexual agenda” is doing to our country.

Discover Magazine explains what happened:

Yeah. So this group [NOM] decided somehow that Zach’s cartoon supported their cause, and they used it on their site. Thing is, they hotlinked it: instead of grabbing the image and uploading it to their server, they linked it straight from Zach’s server. So whenever someone went to the NOM site, Zach’s server had to send the image. Hotlinking is a big net no-no; it puts the burden on the other person’s server (that they pay for, as well as for bandwidth, the amount of data sent), and is considered at the very least to be rude.

Obviously Zach wasn’t going to allow his work to be used to that end, so he switched out the cartoon for a picture of a rainbow flag and a pro-equality quote from Thomas Jefferson. Next thing you know, for a few hours this is how NOM’s website appeared before they noticed and took down the post:


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  1. Jamie says:

    Great piece Eric. Nice exposure on the server issue. Hope they get busted for something.

  2. Brad D says:

    Thomas Jefferson was a slaveowner and rapist. Not exactly a role model for equality. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot…

  3. Scott G says:

    Truth is truth whether it come from a slave owner or a saint. We look for best in people and seek to emulate it.

  4. Maria says:

    OWNED! Nice work, Zach!

  5. Louis E. says:

    That all men are created equal doesn’t mean that all forms of sexual relationship are equally wise,and homosexual orientation is no more of an excuse for homosexual activity than alcoholism is a license to escape all penalties for drunkenness.

  6. Louis E. says:

    (And just to make clear,I’m a pro-abortion-right,anti-death-penalty,pro-gun-control.anti-creationist,pro-national-health-insurance Democrat who has never belonged to any religion or believed that the Infinitely First Cause of existence writes books or founds official fan clubs for itself).

  7. GZeus says:

    Louis E. is a liar. Go to NOM Blog any day of the week, click on any post and you’ll see for yourself.

  8. Will says:

    At least he didn’t claim to be “an independant voter.” I get so sick of hearing that from the right-wangers. Seems to be their catch phrase. “I agree with every piece of drivel spewed by every right-wing schlock-jock, but I’m a totally independant person with a mind of my own…”

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