BREAKING: Utah GOP Trying To Strip Contracts Between Gay Couples

Posted By on January 27, 2011

Salt Lake City, Utah – BREAKING: State Representative LaVar Christensen (R, HD48) has reintroduced a bill he tried to run in 2006 which prohibits same sex couples from making contractual arrangements such as wills and financial arrangements. Get calling!

LaVar Christensen, the man who introduced and passed Utah’s Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage, has reintroduced an old enemy of the LGBT community. The bill, known in 2006 as HB 304 but now as HB 182, slides in under the generic title “Voiding Transactions Against Public Policy.” The bill’s language is virtually word-for word from the narrowly-defeated measure from 2006 and if passed will strip even more rights away from the same sex couples who desperately depend on contractual arrangements as Utah denies them any of the inherent protections afforded to any other couple.

Same sex couples in Utah already have so few protections in Utah, in fact almost the only thing we can still do is create legal contracts to protect our loved ones in the case of our deaths. Make no mistake, this bill would leave you powerless and at the mercy of your partner’s family if he or she were to pass away!

We must get to work on this immediately! Whether you live in HD 48 or not, call or email LaVar as well as all of your representatives and tell them they must work to defeat HB 182!


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From the Utah Law Department when LaVar tried to run the bill in 2006:

It is uncertain whether Utah’s marriage amendment prevents unmarried cohabitants from contracting to protect their financial interests. However, in the 2006 General Session of the Utah Legislature, pro-marriage advocates were at work to make sure laws were enacted to preclude such contracting. Draper Representative LaVar Christensen introduced House Bill 304 (“H.B. 304”).70 The entire language of H.B. 304 was a simple sentence that read, “[a]n arrangement, agreement, or transaction that is unlawful or violates public policy is void and unenforceable.” Representative Christensen is the same legislator who introduced the Utah marriage amendment, the basis for this discussion. Christensen explained the purpose of the bill was to reduce to statute a common law practice which has been around for a century.71 He said the main purpose of the bill was to outlaw contracts based on drugs and gambling. However, Christensen’s consistent agenda to curb the expansion of rights to unmarried heterosexual and same-sex couples had many worried about Christensen’s intention.72 Terry Kogan, Professor of Lawat the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, spoke against the bill during the session. He stated, “[Christensen] may be trying to undermine the ability of same-sex couples to protect their financial and other interests.”

Christensen HB182

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  1. This guy is making Utah sounding as appealing a place to live as Iran. What next? Homosexuality illegal?

  2. Alan Watson says:

    “We teach them correct principles and they govern themselves” –Joseph Smith. Unless of course they are gay and then we use the power of government to force them to live the way we believe they should.

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  4. Doug says:

    I think LaVar needs to put down his super-size McDonald’s meal, step out of his closet, and come out–just like the other Republican blowhards who were finally outed due to their own clumsiness and self-hatred. Don’t worry, LaVar…there are LOTS of gay men who like men who are built like oversized Bartlett pears–they’re called “chubby chasers.” Look into it, big guy! You may find out you didn’t know what you were missing all these years. Long live the Gay Old Party!

  5. Kay says:

    Because everyone knows that them scary homos are all just trying to screw over everyone else…. What next, oxygen is not appropriate for anyone who isn’t temple worthy? This is a ridiculous abuse of power and it should be blocked by anyone who believes in the rights of people.

  6. It’s time for us to start working on getting this crap into Federal Court. Amendment 3 is unconstitutional as would this bill be. They think that we’ll just rollover and take it. It’s going to cost the state millions of dollars to defend amendment three. The same with this bill. It’s time to go after these. We better start raising some money and get lawyered up. I wonder if Boyes, and Olsen are doing anything.

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  8. Sakura says:

    =_= Sadly, this asshat is my rep…I’ve been trying to vote him out for years now…

  9. Jeff says:

    The GOP wants so desperately to lead, but when it has the opportunity, it is TOTALLY clueless as to how to address real issues, so it tried to take away rights from the LGBT community as some misguided way to prove its worth. They are a despicable lot.

  10. […] LaVar’s 1st bill would strip the ability to create contracts from couples and the 2nd is a message bill which state’s Utah endorses only marriage between a man and a woman “as god created it.”  […]

  11. Skulander says:

    This anti-gay tactic will succeed unless gays and lesbians in Utah PICK UP THE PHONE at last, call their representatives and ask questions about this bill, holding them accountable for this discrimination and homophobia directly targeted at gay couples.

    Time to stop being harrassed by the Christian bullies and SPEAK UP!

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