HRC Donates Part Of Harvey Milk’s Store To The Trevor Project

Posted By on January 18, 2011

San Francisco, California – Following a national outcry over the Human Rights Campaign’s announcement that they were turning the old Camera Store owned by Harvey Milk into a gift store, the HRC released an update today saying they are donating part of the space to the Trevor Project.

The HRC says that part of the store space as well as $10,000 a year will go to the Trevor Project, to be used as a call center to take crisis calls from LGBT teens.

The AP:

“We are honored to partner with The Trevor Project in offering this important resource for LGBT youth across the nation from such a historic location,” HRC President Joe Solmonese said.

[Harvey Milk’s old activism-partner Cleve Jones said] “It is wonderful that Harvey’s message of hope will again emanate from the site of Castro Camera,” he said. “He spoke often of our responsibility to our young people and experienced firsthand the pain of losing loved ones to suicide…. I think he’d approve.”

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