NOM Playing “Hide The Money” With Tax Returns Again

Posted By on January 1, 2011

1st post of 2011 *knuckles and neck popping.* The National Organization For Marriage (NOM) has once again failed to file their tax returns. They’ll do anything to try to prevent the country from finding out which organizations are funding them. COUGHmormonsCOUGH.

fred karger, nom, national organization for marriage

Fred Karger knocks on the door of NOM's headquarters in DC. Neighbors say no one is ever there, and notice the UPS delivery slip on the door.

Political watchdog Fred Karger has been trying to see the public filings of NOM’s non-profit organization for years. Federal law dictates that a non-profit make their tax returns available to the public during normal business hours. Unfortunately, their offices are deserted, empty rental spaces that they use for tax purposes. Who knows where they really are. Front group much?

Even if they filed for every extension available, NOM’s 2009 tax returns are now 2.5 months late, and Fred Karger says that he went through the same thing with them last year, but they never filed their 2008 returns either!

In fact, it looks like the only time they’ve ever filed their taxes is when they were being investigated.

The other set [of 990’s] was 17 months late, when finally, the night before NOM President Brian Brown was to testify in front of the Maine Ethics Commission last year, all of their delinquent tax returns magically appeared on the NOM web site.

It was too late to stave off a State of Maine investigation of NOM, because in spite of threatening to sue the State of Maine (which NOM eventually did), the Maine Ethics Commission voted to investigate the National Organization for Marriage for election “Money Laundering.”

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