Video- Senate DADT Hearings, McShame McCain Embarrassed

Posted By on December 2, 2010

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McCain at the hearings

Washington DC – At this morning’s opening Don’t Ask Don’t Tell hearing, McShame McCain embarrassed himself by degrading the survey that he himself had imput on; he also complained about the short time allowed for questioning on DADT, but then spent time on the wikileak.

What a dolt. McCain is claiming that the survey only covered 30% of the military, even though every military analyst has stated that the survey has less than a 1% margin of error. Overwhelmingly, the troops have stated that repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a non-issue and should be done quickly.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates tells the Senate Armed Forces Committee that they need to authorize repeal immediately, so they can handle it in a sensable fashion. If it is not done through congress, the courts will impose immediate repeal.

Here’s McShame McCain’s opening statement from this morning:

“[W]hat I want to know is not can our Armed Forces repeal this law but whether they should. Unfortunately, that’s not the focus of this study … this is a question that must be answered by Congress with proper consideration of the issue … the DOD has had 10 months to complete this report. Together they contain over 1,000 pages of data and analysis. We received it 36 hours ago and are still carefully analyzing it. What I can saw now is that in addition to my concerns over what questions were not asked, I’m troubled by the fact that this report represents only 28% of the military force. I find that hard to view that as a fully representative sample set … what appears clear is that the survey and anecdotal data … do not lead to a firm conclusion.”

Highlights as well as video of the entire DADT Senate Hearing can be viewed HERE

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  2. Leroy Te'o says:

    Who’s surprised by this? He was a MORON all throughout his Presidebtial Campaign, and obviously….NOTHING HAS CHANGED!! He’s living proof of why some Mothers should EAT THEIR YOUNG!…just saying!!

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