High School Student and ACLU Beat School Censorship Over Gay Marriage Shirt

Posted By on November 16, 2010

Colorado Springs, CO – Earlier today we posted about Kate Cohn and the ACLU of Colorado who sent a strong letter of condemnation to Falcon High School after they refused to let her wear a “marriage is so gay” shirt. Read our exclusive interview with Kate below!

kate cohn, falcon high school, gay marriage, tshirts, acluThis heroic teenager joined forces with the ACLU and just this afternoon received word that Falcon High School was backing down from their stance and allowing the tshirts to be worn. Thanks to the  miracle of facebook, PRIDEinUtah was able to speek to Kate Cohn  this afternoon and ask her how she felt about the whole ordeal. Well done again to Kate Cohn and the ACLU of Colorado! Thank you for sticking up for others!

“I’m SOO HAPPY,” says Kate, tThat seems to sum up her attitude pretty definitively.

PRIDEinUtah – Did you expect the administration would react the way they did when they saw your shirt?
Kate:I expected it only because there is such a homophobic atmosphere in colorado springs
PRIDEinUtah – What made you want to contact the ACLU?
Kate: The ACLU contacted me actually because they saw my story and I had wanted to but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. My rights were undermined and The ACLU is all about changing that.

PRIDEinUtah – What has it been like at school since this started? What feedback (positive/negative) have you gotten?
 Kate- For the first week or so I got only positive feedback and full support from students (I got ignored by all administration who usually love me) starting last week i got some negative feedback such as “you took this all too far” and “Gay people don’t like when people do this” and today in the hall someone walked past and yelled at me “I hate gay people” which was all expected but a little upsetting none-the-less
PRIDEinUtah – How do you feel about the school giving in to the ACLU?
Kate – I am so happy that the ACLU was able to show the school their wrong doings and I along with other students have the right to express ourselves.
PRIDEinUtah – Is this the last we’ll hear of you? Or do you plan to continue your activist work?
Kate- I will always continue my activist work everywhere and anywhere I am needed. Though it is doubtful that anything will come up within the school for the rest of this year (as I am a senior and will be graduating soon) but I will not stop here in acheiving the rights of everyone. SO yes, you will probably hear more from me :)
PRIDEinUtah – Anything else you want mentioned?
Kate – I want to thank everyone across the nation (and even the world) for supporting me through this. It is truly a battle that has been and will be fought for years to come, but in the end it will all be worth our PEACEFUL efforts.

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  2. Clay Boggess says:

    Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with homosexuality, she is protected by the constitution and still has a right to wear the shirt. Likewise, if someone decided to wear a shirt that supported straight marriage, they would also have the same right to do so.

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