Mitt Romney’s Cousin Speaks Out On Gay Rights And Marriage

Posted By on October 12, 2010

Park Romney

Park Romney, cousin to famous Mormon and former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, spent some time talking with me on the PRIDEinUtah podcast this past week. He called later and told me he wanted to elaborate on his statements, and sent me this video. Check it out!

Wish Mitt would believe this way..

You can see more of Park at

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9 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s Cousin Speaks Out On Gay Rights And Marriage”

  1. Shaundi says:

    Well said! Couldn’t have worded it better.

  2. KarenK says:

    BRAVO!!! How fantastically spoken!!!

  3. Stan says:

    Mr. Park Romney seems to think that the lds church is depriving people of some constitutional rights. I haven’t heard the lds church tell anyone not to speak or protest or do whatever they wanted to do. In fact, the lds church’s articles of faith says “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privelege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.” Park just likes to listen to himself rant and rave. I guess it makes him feel important.

  4. Bill Carson says:

    We need to look at the ongoing eight year old lawsuits going on today in Massachusetts and ask how could have Mitt Romney done a better job when he was governor ?

    Mitt Romney was the 70th Governor of Massachusetts from Jan 2,2003 to Jan 4,2007. During his one term the Buzzards Bay oil spill happened during April 2003 .

    On April 27, 2003, eight years ago the Bouchard Barge B-120 hit an obstacle in Buzzards Bay, creating a 12-foot rupture in its hull and discharging an estimated 100,000 gallons of No. 6 oil. The oil is known to have affected an estimated 90 miles of shoreline, killed 450 numerous bird species, and recreational use of the bay, such as shell fishing and boating.

    Since the 2003 oil spill the US Coast Guard has appealed the 2004 Massachusetts Oil Spill Prevention Act and one Massachusetts property damage lawsuit has dragged on for eight years. Republican Mitt Romney is laying the groundwork for a possible White House campaign in 2012, hiring a team of staff members and consultants.

  5. Stan says:

    He will probably use his presidential income to hire more staff members and consultants, like he did as Gov. and the head of the Olympics in SLC. The man doesn’t need the money, all he cares about is getting the job done and done right. Too many obsticles in Mass. especially with a democratic legislature. The best was done with what he had and he had nothing to apologize for in Mass. He is laying a consertive foundation this year so when he becomes president we won’t have a liberal debacle.

  6. Stan says:

    Sorry we got away from the original subject but the lds church doesn’t hate anyone, infact they love everyone so what was said by Elder Packer was with love and concern. There was no attack on the Gay community by the lds church just a loving concern for Gods children.

  7. Mitt Romney was able to tap his bailed-out banker buddies on Wall Street to the tune of 10 million dollars in one day. In fact, Romney raised 10 million dollars in one day a couple of weeks ago from well-heeled party bigwigs and Wall Street insiders, many of whom ponied up the legal maximum of $2,500 per person (or $5,000 per couple).

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