Man Attacks 14 Year Old Girl For Carrying Rainbow Flag

Posted By on September 30, 2010

La Crosse, Wisconsin – A 14 year old girl on rollerblades was getting ready to march in the Maple Leaf Parade with the LGBT Resource Center’s float, she was carrying a rainbow/American flag hybrid. But it got ugly when Mark Schneider ran up, grabbed the flag, pushed her and screamed, “Go to a country where they will hang people like you.”

Horrifying, this was a child! Police are investigating the incident, and assault charges are pending.

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Commodore Mark Schneider

The teen was rollerblading and carrying a flag pole with two rainbow flags — one a hybrid of the American flag and the gay pride flag — as members of 7 Rivers LGBT Resource Center’s float prepared for the parade about 9:45 a.m. Saturday on Rose Street, said Roseanne St. Sauver, the center’s executive director. Commodore Mark Schneider, who was on a float nearby, approached the girl and put his hands on the flagpole, St. Sauver said. St. Sauver walked over, placed her hands on the pole and told him, “Please stop, she’s a 14-year-old child.” “He said, ‘I do not care. Look what you are teaching them,’” St. Sauver said. That’s when, St. Sauver said, Schneider shoved the girl with his body. St. Sauver said Schneider told the girl: “Go to a country where they will hang people like you.“ The incident left the teen crying, and others upset, St. Sauver said. This is the first year the center has participated in the parade. “I had tears in my eyes,” she said. “He specifically targeted us and made statements about our sexual orientation.”

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81 Responses to “Man Attacks 14 Year Old Girl For Carrying Rainbow Flag”

  1. Kenia Armstrong says:

    He should be charged with assault and put into prison for assauting a minor, especially a girl in general population. There he will be treated as he deserves it. Men who do not like others assaulting children. He’ll scream like baby!!!!!

  2. Jovino Guza says:

    It really saddens me to see all the hate in this world just cause someone is different. He deserves to me arrested for assault. To tell a child to go to a country where they hang people like you. That’s right the good ole American spirit.

    Here is a 14 year old girl finding out who she is-and trying to accept that she is different and being bullied by a ass.

    Today I was sadden to see that a 19 year old talented violinst who happened to be gay Tyler Clememti jumped from the George Washington Bridge because his asshole roommate decided to video tape him having sex with a guy-and posting it on the internet and the two cruel asses were jokers- obviously cost this kid his life.Last week a 13 yr old texas boy shot himself cause he was bullied at school for being gay. These were someone’s children who may or not have known their kids were gay I say they should get 25 yrs to life for each life they have now destroyed including their parents for the shame they will now have to live with cause their asshole kids cost someone their life.

  3. Gary Barkley says:

    Violence is a two way street. This nut was lucky he didn’t have a group of gay vets standing around when he did that: He would have been picking asphalt chips out of his gums for weeks. People like this nut often forget that other people are as capable of defending themselves as he is at initiating the violence. The fact that he preyed upon a teenager proves that he wasn’t man enough to target his impotent rage at an adult.

  4. John Hanks says:

    Liars, bullies, and crooks.

  5. Mara says:

    I hate this country.

  6. Danny M says:

    Boo f***** hoo, you lil crybabies. It was a 14 year old girl who doesnt know a thing about sex and youre making a huge deal out of something small. Lets hang her parents instead.
    You have nothing to be “proud” of. Okay lets set that straight (no pun intended).
    How can you have pride in your sexual preference? Thats just idiotic. Try to act normal and people wont attack you for being different. The truth is if she didnt have the bastardized rainbow American flag this wouldnt have happened! She brought it upon herself and so did all the other LGBT’s there who approved.

  7. Blake S says:

    It’s completely unnecessary what this man did. We all know that this guy has every right to express his views, whether he hates gays, Arabs or white people; but to attack a young kid? And as our well-spoken Danny M put: “A 14 year old girl who doesn’t know anything about sex…” Well Danny, how were you when you decided you thought girls were cute? 4? 5? And yet you were probably weren’t young enough to cross the street without your mom. You don’t need to be a certain age to have a sexual orientation (not yet anyway, who the hell knows the government will do). I showed signs of being bisexual when I was in 4th grade (my own observation, no one elses), and it was douchebags like you that made me hesistant to tell my parents, which didn’t end up happening till I was 15. About your comment that we have nothing to be proud of, well, we sure as hell do. In a world that doesn’t openly accept same sex ideals, it’s an act of courage to make public information. Accept what America is becoming or GTFO my country. If you are comfortable being, straight then people being gay shouldn’t bother you.

  8. Fue Vue says:

    Ok, this is ridiculous. That dude needs some help. Maybe rehab for the insanely ignorant. That should help.

  9. SHIC says:

    Hey, Danny, you lil troll, get this “straight”: Being a man who’s exclusively sexually attracted to women doesn’t make you “normal”–knowing adults shouldn’t bully 14-year-old kids does.

    I’d suggest you, Commodore Schneider, and folks like you pick on people your own size, but I doubt there’s anybody else in the world quite that small.

  10. Not Mara says:

    Then GTFO

  11. jessie says:

    Fuck You Danny M. !!!!

  12. yo says:

    Who the hell does he think he is putting his hands on a 14 year old for any reason. He needs some jail time. Freak!!

  13. vivian says:

    What a sorry excuse for a man.

  14. […] Sept 30th 2010 **Man Attacks 14 Year Old Girl For Carrying Rainbow Flag Prop8 Judge Vaughn Walker Stepping Down LGBT-Inclusive Immigration Bill Introduced Green Candidate […]

  15. Lily says:

    “It was a 14 year old girl who doesnt know a thing about sex …”

    What planet are you from, some conservative wet dream alternate universe? I guarantee you that 14 year old girls know about sex, like it or not. If they dont, their parents are woefully inadequate and possibly criminal for keeping them ignorant. No need to hang anyone though, I dont approve of violence.

  16. Corey says:

    Danny how can you say something like that? It’s totally not the victim’s fault. That girl was promoting acceptance of the LGBT community. Something which is needed when anti-gay bullying is causing suicides and we still don’t have all of our rights in every state. To suggest that she’s at all at fault here is not even logical. You realize that if all gay people went to a country where they were hung how many thousands of Americans would die? How many sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, uncles, doctors, soldiers, husbands and wives etc… would die? Get a clue bro. We’re here to stay and we’re not your enemy.

  17. jim says:

    Another “Macho Moment”!

  18. Justin says:

    Danny, you are correct in saying that your sexual orientation is not something to be proud of.

    Standing up for something you believe in is, though. And the people who attend Pride parades aren’t all gay. The people who march are marching for equality. They have friends, family, loved ones who are gay and just want the right to be with who they love. That /is/ something to be proud of.

    Assaulting a fourteen-year-old for her beliefs isn’t.

    And the real truth is that if America weren’t the intolerant sack of shit it is, this wouldn’t have happened. A fourteen year old girl wouldn’t feel the need that so many other people do to march in a parade for the rights that so many others take for granted.

  19. Tanya says:

    I was present for this event and would like to say that I am outraged by the events that took place that day. I was standing about 5 feet away when the commodore approached and started his bigotry. Many of us in the area are voicing our opinion that this man should be forced to step down from his position of commodore. If you want to help feel free to call the Riverfest Committee or the commodores. The number is: 608-782-6000. The commodore keeps saying that he has gay family members as proof that he never said what he said. Having gay family members does not give you a free pass and does not negate what you said!

  20. Michael Kappele says:

    What a damn Scum Bag, let him do that to a Heathen Like me, and i will explain the honor of being a man, and not a scum bag abuser of little girls, They stupidity of these hate mongers is appalling. They really need a reality check and reread the constitution of this land

  21. Audacius Rex says:

    The world would be a lot better if someone started killing these people that think hurting children is okay for any reason.

  22. Brianna Anderson says:

    hey, danny M. why dont you go get fucked eh. im a Bi curious person. anbd because of fuck faces like you, jsut becasue i’m open to all people, i got beaten on for YEARS in school. it made me a better person then you will EVER fuckin be. she has every right to be proud of her feelings. there HERS, not your. if i EVER saw a straight person hurting someoen for a choice that had NO affect on them, id return there bullshit to them. i may only be 17, but i’ve been through more shit of this then most of the friends i know. and its becasue of those kind of people that soem of us end up either dead, or going insane. you just sit there and watch, lauighing. truth is, your nothing but a chicken shit cowardm, using violence agaisnt soemthign your too weak and afraid to understand. love doesnt descriminate, so why should you? just becasue its not YOUR preference, doesnt mean you need to be a shit bag and hurt soemoen else for it. hwo would yo ulike it if i beat the ever loving shit out of you for wearing a blue sweater, even though its your FAVOURITE sweater. seriously. people like you need to stay the fuck off these sites, and need to learn to mind there own business. grow the fuck up, becasue karma is a bitch who WONT descriminate. thank you, go get bent ^^

  23. HoboBoxerJoe says:

    What a bunch of rubbish. When my brother came out I remember him getting chastised quite a bit at Skyline High, I was going to Olympus but I still did what I could to support him. Even though he and I don’t have much of a connection as brothers it seems, just one of those things. But I remember getting really pissed off when people would make fun of him for being gay.

    We’re coming along but it’s a slow ways coming. It really amazes me how much I get accused of being gay just for supporting gay rights. It doesn’t bother me at all anymore, I think anyone should have the right to defend their sexual orientation-gay or straight-but if the people who mock them want to illustrate how ignorant they are who am I to stop them?

  24. Ashley says:

    Ok first: I am from the La Crosse area. It suprises me that this news made it all the way to Utah, however it does NOT suprise me that the story has been altered. THE REAL FACTS: The man who allegedly “attacked” the girl, did NOT. The float was for a parade we have here in the area for the Oktoberfest season. The comodore (who was a veteran) was shocked that the gay rights float had altered the AMERICAN flag and replaced the red and white stripes for rainbow colors. He was mostly outraged that they were DRAGGING this flag on the ground, which to him meant that they were dragging the american flag on the ground. big no no….he did not start any violence. He went to talk to them and asked them not to be dragging the flag on the ground. He went to place his hand on the girls shoulder and she simply lost balance. Everyone considered that an act of violence. The Riverfest community apologized for the actions of that day. Also, one of the presidents of Riverfest is a gay man. They are very keen on diversity and do not condone any one who is “different”. I just can’t believe that people can just assume something without knowing the facts first. Like i said, it was blow out of preportion. Like in the childrens game “Telephone” the farther it gets, the more outrageous it becomes. I hope that you all can think about this and be more patriotic. It shouldn’t matter if you’re white, black, gay, or straight. Our American flag should NEVER be dragged on the ground!

  25. Ashley says:

    P.S. he NEVER said anything like that to the girl. People will make up stories to just be noticed. I’m saddened that it came to such outrage, though. I know this man and he is a VERY caring person who is loved among many people in the area. There is a reason he was voted Comodore of 2010. People with think what they want, but they are doing so with ignorance. We should all forgive the man because the Lord forgives all.

  26. thomas says:

    Unfortunately for Mark Schneider we don’t live in a country that hangs people like her, but in a country that prosecutes people like him.

  27. Bob says:

    I honestly hope equal rights never comes about. The gays and lesbians wouldn’t have anywhere to go to hook up anymore.

  28. Hanford Searl Jr. says:

    … OBVIOUSLY-the-HUY has a VERY-small-PENIS!!!

  29. Hanford Searl Jr. says:

    … SORRY: “GUY”

  30. This just made me angry as hell. Why does it seem like it’s DANGEROUS to be apart of the LGBT community now a days? Almost every day this week I’ve read of violence towards/murder/suicide caused by Gay Bashing, intolerance, bullying.

    It feels like I’m seeing the Civil Rights Movements mirrored for our generation, well it’s tough times ahead but silence is not something we’ll abide by.

  31. Jordan Garcia says:

    That old premature corpse is lucky I wasn’t their. If I saw that shit I would have grabed her flag and speared him through the chest. To all you stupid fucks that are saying she brought the attack on herself. Fuck you. Being who you are and standing up for what you believe in a democratic nation is no reason to attack someone. Especially a child. That fuckin dinosaur needs to go to prison for assaulting a minor.

  32. Admin (Eric) Admin (Eric) says:

    Well Ashley we have an eye witness (see above) who says this account is accurate, and we have the local media coverage. What proof do you have that this man didn’t act as described?

  33. SOldier of GOD says:

    effing homo faggots. Stupid girl. 14 year old girl…What the heck is she doing letting everyone know her sexual preference? Moral decay is what these faggots are all about. They claim they are the victim, but in actuality we straight are the victims because we have to look at that gross sh*t. I dont mind girls being faggots , but its a whole other ball game if it;s a guy. Faggots. Oh well at least they will cease to exist in the gene pool. You are the weakest link. GOODBYE!

  34. Dominique says:

    Problem is.. the same countries that hang Queers, also often hang Christians. Perhaps the good Commodore, and Danny, could go to a country where they hang fags (and Christians).

    Umm…. that’s satire, folks.

    Once we learn to respect (not just tolerate, cuz tolerate is an ugly word)… the diversity and the splendor of diversity in the human race, we will grow and progress into the America we all used to know.

    United we stand.
    Divided we fall.

  35. june says:

    douche chill~

  36. god says:

    like many civilisations before you i have put tasks in your way.
    have you not read the words
    “love above all else”
    “preach love not hate”

    [hacked by the Devil]
    ignore that dude up there ^
    please continue preaching hate, fear, guilt and shame to children because i want you all ! and oh how i love to revel in your suffering.
    i just LOVE child suicides they make my day.

  37. Kate B. says:

    Moral decay starts with hateful people who attack others, let alone attacking children. Anyone who is offended or afraid of another persons happiness is just an unhappy person no matter what mask of hate they wear.

  38. Act “normal” he says.

    You mean, like an idiot?

  39. David McBrayer says:

    And just what is THIS jackass teaching his own? What a F#^kup. He needs to be put in prison and be made into someones B*&^h.

  40. finnerty says:

    Looks like the USA is headed for the same place good ol’ Nazi Germany went to. Hell. The few decent people left are increasingly at risk of being round up and shot by Kristians like Commodore Mark Schneider, Danny M and their cry baby gurus Glen Beck and the ignoramus figurehead Sarah Palin. Call a spade a spade people, the country is being hijacked by intolerant ideologues under the influence of mass hysteria (fundamentalist Kristian) and drugs (prescription). But actually, the USA was always like that wasn’t it? Just ask a black, a latino, an asian, a gay, anyone who the “normal people” think is “unfit” to be free. What a bunch of…

  41. Dara says:

    what a jerk ,as a military officer he is fighting to uphold the laws of the US which includes the freedoms she was expressing, he is an embarassment

  42. David Weber says:

    I can almost guarantee that the Commodore has long heard rumblings in his own closet. This is a way to quiet them.

  43. StraightAlly4GayRights says:

    Brick by brick,
    Torn apart.
    But we can WIN.
    We’ll battle for gay rights
    Like proud soldiers.

  44. Em says:

    I don’t know if this child was there to show support for a loved one, standing for herself, or supporting gay rights in general, but it doesn’t matter. As a straight woman, I find this man’s behavior absolutely reprehensible – and utterly embarassing to me as an American and strong supporter of civil libetries…for ALL.

  45. Papa Larry H says:

    There was a country that used to hang people for percieved injustices. It was call “Nazi” Germany!

  46. Em says:

    Oh and to Soldier of God: Gays and lesbians will never “cease to exist in the gene pool.” As it so happens, it’s straight parents that keep producing them.

    Perhaps that’s a challenge of tolerance from your God? If so, you are failing….miserably.

  47. Tracy Ahlers says:

    SOldier of GOD , thank you for once again reaffirming why I choose atheism as the safe and sane choice. I don’t usually go for the ad-hominen approach but not only is your name an oxymoron but you are just a plain moron as well.

  48. Joseluis de Montevideo says:

    The sensitivity to one another – and the mutual respect we once showed and enjoyed in this country is gone. White Christians have run amok. I wish we would adopt a global government led by a bisexual, black, disabled, atheist who would outlaw guns, greed, cowboy hats and bibles in hotel rooms. Continue pressing “one” for English; it serves you right. Charles Darwin is more relevant everyday!

  49. astrid says:

    @Danny M.
    The only thing worse than some asshole hitting a little girl is some asshole saying it is “o.k.” to hit a little girl. You are a sick and twisted prick.

  50. Steve in AR says:

    @blake s: Danny probably still can’t cross the street without his mother

  51. Proud Mom says:

    Moral decay is when people hate and harm others. We don’t know the victim’s orientation, just that she supports LBGT rights. Shame on a grown man picking on a young girl! Somehow “patriotic” types don’t complain when the American flag is turned into bikinis and shirts by their fellow right wingers.

    My youngest son is gay. I knew he was probably gay when he was a little boy–no big deal. I love him just the way he is and I wouldn’t want him any other way, because then he would be someone else. I did put him in martial arts classes so he could protect himself from violent haters.

  52. Proud Mom says:

    Ashley wrote: “They are very keen on diversity and do not condone any one who is “different”. That says it all.

  53. mesha Monge_Irizarry says:

    LBGTQ are still murdered around the world, and yes, here in the land of the “Proud” and the “Free”
    The teabaggers witch hunt is no joke.
    no excuse to stay home on Election Day ! Apathy would be a vote for the douchbags of AmeriKKKA

  54. Lynn says:

    To all those people who demand the right to choose who I can date, love, sleep with, live with or marry: feel free to give me the right to make the same choices for you.

    Anyone who denies rights to someone else that they demand for themselves is a bigot. Simple.

  55. Anthony says:

    What the hell is a 14 year old being an activist anyway? Good for him. This rampant acceptance of the FAG lifestyle needs to end

  56. “God Is Love
    And Love Is Joy.
    All The Universe
    Has Come From Love,
    And Unto Love
    All Things Return.”
    ~ from The Upanishads,
    Juan Mascaro translation, Penguin Books.

  57. blueinmo says:

    When a grown man attacks a young girl like this you can bet your butt he beats his wife and kids. He’s no man but a thug!

    And since when does the USA have Commodores? Maybe they meant commode it fits this jerk better.

  58. Paul says:

    “Go to a country where they will hang people like you.” Because, after all, that’s what Jesus would have done, right? Stupid xtians.

  59. Jeff says:

    To Anthony: Fortunately, the “rampant acceptance” is growing, and backwards thinking people like you are becoming rarer. I don’t know what country you live in, but I’m glad I live in the country of PROGRESS, the United States of America, where we believe in equality for all, instead of some kind of theocracy (Iran?) where the government forces a single religion and ideology on its citizens. So I’m sorry if you’re offended by some people’s orientations, but that’s just the way it is in this Land of the Free.

  60. asad says:

    Dont know if its important but im a straight guy. Confused about a couple of things…
    He’s not really a commodore?
    Where are the police? Where I’m from he woulda been locked up on general principle.
    Where are the sane men? If I had been anywhere near that dude woulda needed a ride to the hospital.
    And even though flag-burning etc. Is protected by the constitution… That wasnt an american flag. She did nothing to deface the american flag because it wasnt the american flag.
    I wonder how he woulda felt if it was a 14 yr old girl unconnected w lgbt carrying a real american flag? Probably woulda got a stiffie and woulda had to skip the parade.
    And I saw the apology. He def saw his job as whatever coming to an end. Nice save!

  61. Sarah says:

    Carrying a rainbow flag doesn’t make one an activist. It makes one loving and supportive. Love and support is not activism. Activism is activism. And there is no reason to hit anyone over a belief, let alone a child. That doesn’t make you right. This man was wrong, plain and simple. If you disagree with someone’s beliefs/choices in this country, that’s your right, but further it’s your responsibility to handle your disagreement in a reasonable fashion.

    And the “FAG lifestyle acceptance” sure seems to be at an all-time high, doesn’t it? Five kids dead this week by their own hands because they felt like they had no where to fit in? Does that sound like rampant acceptance to you? Me? I am an activist. And I will remain one until kids feel that living their lives as accepted and valued members of society is favorable to suicide. Which probably means I’ll be one for the rest of my life.

  62. Erica Rose says:

    I am thankful I’m not a Christian anymore… and for the “commodore” issuing that apology, I wouldn’t accept it if this happened to my child. He was pretty clear when he told her to go to a country where they’d hang people like her, that it wasn’t about the flag. He’s backpedalling now because he didn’t expect to get himself in trouble.

    The SA brownshirts in Germany considered themselves patriots too, BTW.

  63. Sakura says:

    This is really sad that this occurred. Hopefully with enough public outrage and feedback he will realize what he has done and hopefully do 2 things:

    1) Step down from being the commodore

    2) Publicly apologize for what he said AND did

  64. Dee says:

    He didn’t have education or what? pushed a 14yo girl for only that reason? what his problem,really? damn asshole

  65. waylon says:

    When the communist revolution finally reaches the american shores…………we will remeber who helps if the homosexuals help we will make you fully equeal if not…………..

  66. Tanya says:

    I would like to ask Ashley if she was actually there or if she is just repeating what she was told. I was there, about 5 feet away, and I know full well what word came out of that man’s mouth. I also watched him deliberately push her. Also, we never dragged the flag on the ground. It was on a flag pole and was being held over the girls shoulder, nowhere near the ground.

    For those who are wondering, the young woman who was assaulted by this man is an ally who supports the community and the LGBT Resource Center in La Crosse. Her mom works at/runs the center and she has many family members, including her mother, who are members of the LGBT community. She’s just, in general, a really great kid!

  67. Jack says:

    As far as Commodore Mark Schnieder, Danny M. and soldier of god are concerned, my father said it quite well, “If these people were as tall in stature as they are in morals, they could stand flat footed and kiss a gnat’s ass without bending a knee!”
    To everyone else, Blessed Be.

  68. Ace says:

    This man should be ashamed of himself and saying that he protects our country when he is pushing 14yr old girls to the ground. This girl didn’t do anything towrd this man ,and how was she treated but completely wrong. This man may have badges on his uniform that give him the “right” to call him a commander but it will never and has never given anyone the right to treat someone especially a child in anyway how he did. This is her stand on her beliefs, even if she is young. I too would walk and hold those flags up high because I believe that everyone, wether they are black/white/ gay or striaght should have all the same right and be treated all the same way. And when this individual thinks he can do such a horrible thing to anyone is not right, and should be handled like ever other trail that is brought to court, wether on gay issues or if this happened anywhere else.


  69. Barry says:

    I am so sick and tired of this crap! I abhor violence, but enough is enough! It is time for a REVOLUTION! To all the assholes who want to pick on someone…come pick on ME! I will put the fear of the queer in your ass!!!!! Pussy motherfuckers!

  70. Carlson says:

    Well, one would think Morally, being in Utah, someone would attack the perverted Mormons for making it OK to marry a 14 year old child! Wait, maybe that’s y he was mad. She gay so he doesn’t hav a shot now.

  71. Jimmy Smith, Jefferson, Texas says:

    Perhaps I’m just as intolerant as that bastard! I’ld have shoved that pole up his ass and told him to SALUTE! I suppose that I should be ashamed, but….

  72. caix says:

    That jerk Schneider made a great point: He can go live in one of those counties “where they will hang people” that are queer.

    He can have his freedom from gay people somewhere else.

    Schneider should be prosecuted by the full extent of the law. Physically assaulting a minor is against the law.

  73. Zack says:

    Is anyone else wondering what the hell this guy was doing at an event he knew he’d object to? Why would anyone go out of their way to attend something they know they’ll hate? That’s always boggled my mind.

    Saw a lot of really good points made in comments… Really like yours, Lynn.

    Is this guy just getting a slap on the wrist and made a public spectacle of (since we’re going all hanging-style, let’s go back to tarring and feathering, too)? He assaulted a minor. The other circumstances just dictate what other groups are going to get offended and what blogs it’ll be in… but assault is assault.

    • Admin (Eric) Admin (Eric) says:

      Zack – The parade was not LGBT specific according to my understanding. But an LGBT group did have a float there.

  74. Jessie Martinez says:

    God does love all but those who disobey will face judegment when thier time comes. He does does condone homosexuality. I don’t hate homosexuals, I just don’t agree. I dont believe in same sex marriage or anything gay. But I will not commit any physical harm to anyone who is gay. And for that one supposed Christian who claims they are happy to no longer be a Christian, well I have news for you. You were never a real Christain. Christianity is not something you just decide one day you don’t want to be. There are many like you who once attended services or Bible school and then went your own way . Once you have given your life to Jesus Christ you don’t want to return to the ways of your old self. But there are many who will say they are or were Christians but never really were. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and I will pray for those of you who live this life style. In Jesus name.

  75. Gerald H says:

    you guys are giving danny a whole lot of hate while sayign not to hate, i mean okay gay peopel are great and all but this guy was probably a really right wing guy who did this to the girl and the girl was probably just being happy she is sexually attracted to her own gender lol
    ~thats all there is to it!~

  76. Two way Street says:

    I am baffled by the blinders by all on this. I believe and on some note agree with commodore schneider as an American, nothing to do with sexual preference. You defaced the American flag and I applaud anyone who has the courage to speak your mind. As far as assault, in the withness own words he DIDN’t lay a hand on her he shoved her with his body??? What exactly is that a flying chest bump? a gentle nudge, I don’t know and wasn’t there so won’t make any claims. But as an American, as soldier who picked up a weapon to protect your rights to be who you are and express what you believe, I think Commodore Schneiders comments expressed are as legit as the young girl expressing her views and pride of them.

    You can’t pick up a flag expressing your view in a parade, and then believe others don’t have the right to express theirs???

    And again, no hands where laid on her, re-read the statement he grabbed the flag pole and shoved witht the body, which reall how do you do that?

    • Bi the Way says:

      I’m late to the party as usual, but screw it.

      Two way Street: So in your mind, “defacing” the American flag (have you looked at the way “patriots” like yourself often plaster it over everything, you call that respect?) is justification for a grown man pushing a young girl and telling her she should be hung? Wow. That’s really respectful, isn’t it? If you care more about a piece of fabric than how one human being treats another, your sense of “values” are seriously fucked up. And you trying to blame GLBT supporters as being hypocritical is just the icing on the cake of your delusions.

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