French Soccer Player Kicked Off Team Because He’s Gay

Posted By on September 8, 2010

France – Yoann Lemaire has played soccer (or football if you like) for club Chooz for 14 years. But following his teammates making homophobic slurs on television last year, Lemaire has been fired specifically because of the “tension his sexuality brings.”

“In May 2009, some teammates made homophobic comments in front of a TV camera, and

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Yoann Lemaire

 Lemaire took a sabbatical from the club. He has since asked to return to the club, and the team has refused. The rejection was signed by the club president, Frédéric Pretty. The rejection specifically refers to Lemaire’s sexuality and the ‘trouble’ it can cause as reason for rejection…Lemaire said in an interview that it was only two players (out of 60) on the team who don’t like that he’s gay. Instead of removing the hateful players, they instead decided to remove the gay player. Lemaire may have been part of a small club, but he was one of the more well-known players on that club.”

The club also claims it has received online threats directed at Lemaire by the club’s former chief.

French Junior Sports Minister Rama Yade has called for sanctions against club Chooz.

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