Chris Stewart Claims He Didn’t Take Stimulus – Here’s The Proof He Did

Posted By on October 18, 2012

Republican candidate for Congress in Utah’s 2nd District, Chris Stewart, is claiming in the Salt Lake Tribune that he never took any stimulus funds, but it turns out.. he’s lying.

Earlier today, 2nd Congressional District candidate Jay Seegmiller pointed out the hypocrisy of his Republican opponent Chris Stewart campaigning against the stimulus, when he himself took stimulus funds with his consulting agency, The Shipley Group. Stewart vehemently denied the charge, saying “We have never sought for nor bid on any stimulus contracts.”

But according to, which tracks all stimulus money that was given out, Stewart and The Shipley Group actually received $35,100.00 in Stimulus funds.

But the story doesn’t end there. On Chris Stewart’s campaign website, he spends quite a bit of time railing against spending by the Federal Government, saying:

“Explosive government spending and regulations have taken us away from our Founding Father’s vision of the role of the federal government. Stimulus spending, bailouts for Wall Street, local education, AMTRAK, farm subsidies, medical research, alternative energy development, transportation programs… the list of federal spending programs that can be cut goes on and on.”

But how does Stewart himself make a living? Since 2001, Stewart has received roughly $6,000,000.00 from multiple federal agencies for consulting work according to

How does one get so much money from the federal government? It doesn’t happen by accident, nor does it even happen by submitting competitive bids. It happens when you take advantage of lobbyists, who often questionably influence the decisions of Congressman and Senators in Washington DC. In Stewart’s case, reveals that he authorized his brother Tim Stewart (yes, the Tim Stewart who authored the shadowy and infamous “Temple Mailer” that tried to link Mike Lee to the LDS Church in 2010) to spend more than $200,000.00 to convince lawmakers to give Stewart the money.

So to recap, Chris Stewart is lying when he claims he never received any stimulus funds. And for a candidate that consistently rails against the evils of federal spending, he’s gone to some awful far lengths to secure millions and millions of dollars for himself.

His clients are almost exclusively federal agencies, including the General Services Administration (the agency that came under fire last year for spending lavishly on a Las Vegas weekend conference), the Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

And yet… Chris Stewart is expecting the people of Utah’s 2nd Congressional District to believe that he’s a “small government conservative” who will follow through on his promises to shrink the exact same government agencies that pay him his annual salary?


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