Straight GWU Student Mistaken For A Gay Man, Beaten Half To Death

Posted By on March 10, 2011

Washington DC – A straight student at George Washington University was beaten to within inches of his life after another straight student mistook him for being gay. Police have arrested the attacker, senior Ross Richardson, and he’s being charged with a hate crime.

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GW Hatchet:

Metropolitan Police Department officers arrested senior Ross Richardson early Sunday morning in Ivory Tower, after he kicked and punched a fellow senior while saying “you fucking fag,” according to court documents.

The victim was transported to GW Hospital with significant head trauma, including bleeding in his brain.

The incident is classified as a hate crime, or a crime directed at an individual based upon prejudice or bias, according to the documents. The victim – whose name is being withheld due to a Hatchet policy of not naming assault victims – said he never met Richardson prior to the assault.

“I’m extremely surprised that at such a progressive school such a hate crime would happen,” he told The Hatchet. “I’m even more surprised that it would happen to a straight, white male.”

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4 Responses to “Straight GWU Student Mistaken For A Gay Man, Beaten Half To Death”

  1. Not a Gay Guy says:

    Talk about irresponsible shock and awe reporting style. Hyperbole much? Inches of his life.

    Listen here, douchebag, the guy is fine and just got beat up. He started a fight and Ross kicked his ass, and at the end of it he called him a fucking fag in the heat of the fight. This is not a hate crime. Have we become so politically correct that a man cannot call another man a cigarette in the heat of a fight?

    This story tarnishes the suspect’s name with disgust reporting. Please show me a doctor who told you he was beaten to a point of inches of his life? You won’t. Police reports always use terms such as the ones quoted in the original story that you have taken and added hyperbolic statements. This story makes me want to punch you out.

  2. Raoul says:

    “Have we become so politically correct that a man cannot call another man a cigarette in the heat of a fight?”

    Yes. You can handle it, bud.

  3. Gay guy says:

    The suspect tarnished his own name by being the kind of asshole who solves problems with violence and homophobic slurs.

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