Video- Openly Gay High School Sophmore Lured Into School Bathroom And Bashed

Posted By on March 7, 2011

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Rito Osorio

Sellersburg, Indiana- Openly gay high school sophmore Rito Osorio was lured into a school bathroom during lunch by a another 16 year old student and was beaten while his attacker yelled homophobic slurs. The attacker has been arrested, and is claiming ‘rumors’ as the reason for his attack.

The un-named 16 year old student who attacked Osorio is claiming that he bashed him because he had heard rumors going around that Rito thought he was gay.

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  1. Local group says school fight should be investigated as hate crime
    A local fairness group is raising questions about why local authorities did not investigate this as a hate crime in the first place.

  2. Doug and Lulu says:

    This isnt how it phucking went down you phucking stupid cunts. okie.

    He goes to our school and it went as Payton was in the bathroom, Rito made a joke about Payton being gay and having sex with him, and Payton beat the phuck out of him. He wasn’t lured in. stupid trash.

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