AUDIO – My Debate With Tea-Party Host On KTKK

| August 30, 2011

Utah – I joined tea-party host Tim Alders this morning on radio station KTKK am630. Two hours later I was a bit bummed that I had to run, but we covered economics, healthcare and even a little immigration policy. Listen below and let us know what you think! Click HERE To Listen

Sutherland Institute Attacks Democratic Chairman Dabakis

| August 27, 2011

Utah – Paul Mero and the Sutherland Institute have finally decided to pull their heads out and reply to the growing controversy over the Utah Republican Party recent anti-American claims. On his website, Mero’s calling on the Democratic Chair to basically shut up. It has not been a good couple of weeks for the Utah […]

UT GOP Intimidated By New Dem Chairman – Send Camera Man To Follow Him

| August 23, 2011

UPDATE:  PRIDEinUtah’s story has been confirmed by the SL Tribune. The cameraman is indeed an operative for the UT Republican Party. Utah – The new chairman of the Utah State Democratic Party has the Republicans Party on edge. With so much infighting among the GOP these days.. the last thing they wanted was a […]

Another Homophobic Politician Caught Soliciting Gay Men On Craigslist

| August 12, 2011

Indiana – One of the Republican State Legislators who supported the passage this year of an anti-Gay Marriage amendment, Phillip Hinkle, was just outed when he was caught soliciting sex from a young man on Craigslist. I’ve lost track… how many anti-gay politicians have been outed now? According to The Advocate, Hinkle invited an 18 […]

Video: Romney To Hecklers: Corporations Are People, My Friend!

| August 11, 2011

Iowa – Here that sound? That’s Mitt Romney’s campaign circling the bowl my friends. While campaigning in Iowa today, responded to some hecklers that “Corporations are people, my friend” as he tries to justify raising the retirement age to support Social Security and Medicare rather than fair taxes on Corporations. Romney squares off tonight in […]

McDonald’s Trans-Basher Pleads Guilty

| August 4, 2011

Baltimore, Maryland – One of the attacker’s involved in the merciless attack of a Transgender woman at a McDonald’s has pled guilty. She was charged with 1st-Degree Assault and a Hate Crime. According to the Baltimore Sun: Prosecutors expect to seek a prison term of five years when Brown is sentenced next month. If you […]