Mass Anti-Gay Protest in UK Fails

| February 22, 2009

In Basingstoke, England, Queen Mary’s College decided to put on a theatre production of “The Larmie Project,” a show about a man who is killed for his sexual orientation. The Westboro Baptist Church, based out of Topeka, Kansas decided that this was unacceptable. The church’s website ( called for a mass-protest of the play saying, […]

LDS Church Speaks Out About Buttars

| February 20, 2009

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints released a statement today regarding Senator Chris Buttars’ statements on homosexuality made earlier this year. “From the outset, the Church’s position has always been to engage in civil and respectful dialogue on this issue. Senator Buttars does not speak for the Church.” This came from the […]

Buttars Receives Only a Wrist-Slap……….again.

| February 20, 2009

Senate Leadership in Utah held a press conference this morning addressing the recent inflamatory remarks made by Senator Chris Buttars of West Jordan. Among other things, Buttars claimed that gay people are “the biggest threat” to America right now, and that all they do is engage in immoral practices like “pig-sex.” Despite hopes that Senate […]

Community Shocked During Gay Rights Debate

| February 19, 2009

Tonight, Equality Utah had a full debate with the Sutherland Institute on the validity and correctness of the Common Ground Initiative bills. For Equality Utah, the panelists were Cliff Rosky, Lee Beckstead, Senator Scott McCoy and Will Carlson. For Sutherland, Paul Mero, LeVar Christensen, Shirley Cox and Bill Duncan. There isn’t much to say here, […]


| February 18, 2009

The information in this blog post was provided by Reed Cowan. All current copywrites apply and are in place. Content posted with written consent from Reed Cowan. The following audio clip is from Reed Cowan’s documentary, prior to the start of the interview. It, along with the accompanying signed release from the Senator is proof […]

Common Ground Ignored. Now what?

| February 17, 2009

Today, the most prominent, and likely to pass of the Common Ground Initiative Bills was defeated in a motion 8-5, the Fair Workplace and Housing Bill. Testimony was beautiful, Rep. Christine Johnson was (as always), eloquent, funny and moving.  Members of the Utah community spoke: from a transgender minister, to a local (straight) business owner, […]


| February 16, 2009