Another Gay Bashing In Utah

Posted By on April 9, 2010

SLC – Two days ago on the 7th, the popular Irish pub Piper Down in Salt Lake City was the scene of the latest gay bashing in Utah.

Piper Down is the site of the latest gay-bashing in Utah

Piper Down is the site of the latest gay-bashing in Utah

Reports are pretty vague at this point, but during Piper Down’s karaoke night the same-sex couple performing were being harassed by a group of four males. “Fags” and “Queers” were yelled out by the hecklers according to eye witnesses. The couple apparently stood up for themselves and screamed right back at the bigots. As the situation escalated however, witnesses say that the bar threw out both the four bigots as well as the couple.

As the gay couple tried to make their way to their car however, the group of four males accosted them and things turned violent. No releases about the identity of the assailents or their victims, but witnesses have said the couple did end up in the hospital and the police were called.

I am so sick of this happening in Utah! When will our elected officials wake up to what their hateful and bigoted anti-lgbt rights agenda is costing their own citizens? When will the LDS (Mormon) Church learn what their intolerance costs thousands of families?

P.S. This story is a bit eerie for me as I was supposed to be at Piper Down that night but ended backing out at the last minute.

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Eric Ethington-Boden
Eric Ethington-Boden is an independent journalist, activist, and researcher. A former Mormon, he is an outspoken atheist (arguing the soft position) and a member of the LGBTQ community. Currently based in Logan, Utah, his writing, advocacy work, and research have been featured on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Public Eye magazine. Follow him on Twitter @EricEthington.


6 Responses to “Another Gay Bashing In Utah”

  1. Sabrina Miller says:

    We need to all realize that we are the same in God’s eyes. We are all human and when those idiots realize that being gay doesn’t make you any less human than them maybe they will get it. If anything they need to stop acting like animals. Why are people so negative and barbaric when it comes to homosexuality, why are they scared. It is crazy, I have some gay friends and I tell you that you will not find a friend like you will in a gay person, they will go to the ends for you and you don’t find that much nowadays. Wft is with the gay couple getting thrown out??? They were defending themselves.

  2. Justan Peterson says:

    This makes me sick. And to think I had eaten there not too long ago. It’s obviously not Piper Down’s fault that this happened, but it says a lot about the mindset of many Utahns. I can’t wait for information to be released on this matter. And I hope to hell it wasn’t anyone I knew that was hurt, or I will take to the streets.

  3. lolkitties says:

    I was there just before this happened and do know the gay couple socially and saw them singing before I left. They were just having a good time and weren’t bothering anyone.

    The assailants were from Wyoming, there is video of the fight and several witnesses who gave statements to the police.

    I do think Piper Down could have asked more questions before just throwing everyone out – I’ve seen bar scuffles before where only one party or group was tossed out the door. That said, Piper is one of the only bars in Salt Lake where gay and straight mingle nightly virtually without incident. The assailants were rednecks from Wyoming, not locals.

  4. Sheri says:

    I wish I could say it’s just in Utah, but it happens everywhere. I live in, supposedly, progressive CA and I’m amazed how truly “red” this state actually is. I hope the couple is okay and I hope the bashers rot in jail.

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